#4 MRU Optima 7 - Boiler Gas Analyzer

MRU Optima7
Flue gas Analyzer
The most powerful handheld MULTIGAS ANALYZER for industrial combustions, emission- and process monitoring using up to 7 sensors


Compatible with new MRU App "MRU4u" *

• Trend setting technology with up to 7 gas sensors
• Modern, slimline enclosure with fixing magnets
• Super bright, colour 3,5” TFT-display with LED backlight
• Mini-USB for cable data transfer
• Bluetooth wireless data transfer
• IRDA interface for high speed infrared printer
• Integrated condensate trap with PTFE filter and LED backlight
• Menu guided software and function keys
• Robust stainless steel gas connectors

Boiler Gas Analyser.
Supplied & Serviced in Cork, Ireland.
We hire, service and calibrate in our workshop with two day turnaround.