#10 MRU : NOVAplus Biogas

Biogas analyzer for semi-continuous analyzing processes
• Biogas Analyzer with wireless remote control unit for semi-continuous analyzing processes
• Optionally upgradable for measurements of flue gas at the cogeneration engine
• Compatible with new MRU App "MRU4u" (only Android) *

NOVAplus biogas Model BIOGAS #947017 The portable NOVAplus biogas is also available as BIOGAS device, equivalent to OPTIMA7 biogas #410074. It contains the same measuring components, and in addition it has a wireless remote control unit, a Peltier gas cooler with automatic condensate draining pump and a built-in speed printer.
NOVAplus biogas Model CHP #947019 Professional portable analyser with wireless remote control in a robust metal enclosure. Suitable for long-term and interval measurements, with built-in Peltier gas cooler, with automatic condensate draining pump and condensate monitoring. internal data storage of up to 16.000 measurements strong lithium-ion battery built-in high speed printer gas sampling probe, suitable for engine exhaust 2,7 m VITON sampling line exchangeable probe tube with heat deflector shield
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Supplied Serviced & Calibrated in Cork, Ireland.
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