#2A MRU : MFplus

Multi-purpose instrument for tightness tests on gas installations and many more applications such as
• Air velocity and air flow
• Gas leakage
• Humidity
• Temperature
• Pressure

Standard functions: Pressure / Diff. pressure measurement Temperature measurement Differential temperature measurement SD card and data logging software Transfer of measuring results to PC using USB interface Print-out of measuring results with IR-speedprinter
Optional functions: Simultaneous measurement of 2 differential pressures (4 connectors) Gas leakage detection using HC-detector (HC-sniffer) Flow speed measurement (Pitot tube or vane probe) Measurement of relative humidity, temperature and barometric pressure 4 Pa-test External connector press. sensors >1 bar Bluetooth wireless data transfer to PC
Boiler Gas Monitors - Ambient Gas Monitor - Personal Gas Monitor

Supplied Serviced & Calibrated in Cork, Ireland.
We Service and Calibrate in our workshop with two day turnaround.
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